What is Holistic Medicine?

Many people are using holistic medicine these days, opting not to make a visit to a primary care doctor. But exactly what is holistic care and why are so many people choosing to visit the holistic MD in Los Angeles to take care of their health woes?

Holistic medicine refers to the healing of an individual via their whole body, mind, and soul. With proper balance of these elements, it is believed that a person can improve their overall well-being and feel their best.

Holistic doctors have capabilities to treat patients bothered by many different health conditions. They also offer an array of treatment options, varying upon the lines being experienced and the patient choice.

Some of the health conditions that people choose to see the holistic MD for include:

  • Migraines/ Headaches
  • PMS/ Cramps
  • Back Aches
  • Neck Pain

Holistic doctors look at the body when treating the ailments above, and others. They believe if the underlying cause of the problem is discovered and treated, the person can then be whole themselves. Holistic medicine has long been used and practiced by men and women, oftentimes with successful results.

Common holistic care treatment options include:

  • Patient Education: Teaching the patient more about their problem and the best ways to prevent it via patient education is a part of the holistic doctor’s way of doing things.
  • Medication: A holistic doctor does sometimes prescribe medication for a patient, although many prefer natural therapies insteps.
  • Alternative Therapy: Acupuncture, essential oils, etc. can also be used by those who visit the holistic doctor.
  • Lifestyle Changes: In order to combat a specific health concern, a patient must oftentimes make changes to their lifestyle, including the foods they consume and the level of activity received daily.