How To Sleep Better

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to having a good day. It can be hard to sleep well with all the distractions in our lives, but it’s crucial if you’re tired of feeling tired all the time.

Firstly, forget the idea that weekends are for sleeping in. You might want to sleep into the afternoon on a Saturday, but you’re not doing yourself any favors if you do. Pick a bedtime and a waking up time that you stick consistently to throughout the entire week. It may be hard at first to get up at seven in the morning on a Saturday, but once your body gets used to sleeping and waking up at a certain time every day it will soon feel natural. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, try using a weighted blanket. These blankets will aid you with going to bed earlier and waking up earlier as well.

Turn off the lights when you get into bed. Having any source of light in your bedroom will make your brain think it’s still daytime, meaning that you won’t be getting your much need sleep. Cellphones are the biggest culprits. Try to switch your phone off an hour before bed. Not staring into a bright screen for an hour before bed means you will be sleepier and fall asleep easily.

The reverse can be applied if you’re sleepy during the day. Let as much natural light into your home or office as possible. This will let your brain know that it’s daytime and that you need to be awake. Exercising during the day will help to keep you energized, but it will also make you more tired come nightfall. If you have trouble falling asleep, make exercise a part of your daily routine.