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Getting a Liquor License in Texas

What is the one thing that no restaurant and bar can do without in Texas? If you guessed correctly, you would have said a liquor license! You can have any type of restaurant or bar you want. You can create a completely unique menu of cocktails and beers and food, but the one thing you will have in common with every other restaurant and bar is your liquor license. Without such a license, you will have no hope of being able to serve your customers alcohol, which means a massive part of making money has gone out the window for your business.

If you want to make sure you never find yourself in such a situation, go and get the TABC permit as soon as possible. Yes, it is not a pleasant experience. It is frustrating to have to go through so much red tape for the simple privilege of serving over-age customers alcohol. But it is how the laws are made, and you are not going to change those laws anytime soon. What you can do is make sure that you are not creating any unnecessary problems or obstacles for your business by waiting too late to get a liquor license.

Do not make the mistake some others have made of waiting until the last moment. Do not wait two or three weeks before opening to get a liquor license. As soon as you have gotten to the planning stage, or at the latest the construction stage, you have to start the process of getting a liquor license. The quicker you start, the sooner you will know if there are any potential problems or obstacles that could prevent you from getting the license. Then you can take care of the problems and open your business on schedule, instead of having to delay.