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Reasons to Visit Urgent Care

When an emergency strikes, visiting an Emergency Room for medical care from a doctor isn’t the only option available to you. Now, you can visit a 24 hr emergency clinic Houston to take care of many of the same issues treated at the ER. Visiting the emergency clinic offers a plethora of advantages over an ER visit.

Visiting an urgent care center is much faster than an Emergency Room. So many people plan for the night in when they make a trip to the ER, even when it is a simple medical emergency. When the clinic is chosen, you’ll get prompt attention and care from trained medical professionals.

There is a considerable cost difference between costs of an emergency room visit and an urgent care facility. Even when you have insurance, visiting the clinic makes perfect sense. The amount of money saved when visiting the clinic is worth talking about.

Many perks exist for those who opt to use urgent care instead of the ER. A few things to keep in mind about the urgent care:

  • Urgent care is open 365 days per year, including nights, weekends, and holidays
  • Some urgent care centers have Family Nurse Practioners versus actual Physicians. It is up to you to inquire ahead of time.
  • In most instances, no appointment is necessary to get medical care at an urgent care facility.
  • The urgent care facility is capable of providing care to treat a variety of ailments, including broken bones, viruses (such as influenza) and more
  • Some urgent care facilities accept insurance while others do not. Inquire of costs of services as well as insurance status prior to visit. Payment is expected at the time services are rendered.
  • It is easier to get in and out of urgent care than an ER

Health Problems you can Treat at Home

Although it is nice to know that your doctor is there for you when needed, it is just as nice to know that you may not always need to head down the office to treat your health condition. Many conditions affect your health that the primary care doctor Houston cannot do much about, so a visit is only wasting time and money. What are those conditions?

The common cold is one such condition. By the time signs and symptoms of a cold exist, the cold must simply run its course and you’ll feel better once again. A doctor can, at the most, prescribe cough syrup or medications, but it won’t heal you any faster, sadly.

The UTI, or Urinary Tract Infection, is a common condition that oftentimes affects women more than once. Men can also be affected, but it occurs less frequently. If you’ve never had a UTI, go to the doctor. However, if they occur frequently in your life, you know the routine and probably don’t need the doctor to tell you all the information again. Save yourself some cash in such an instance.

Tummy aches are scary, especially if it is a child that is suffering. However, before you rush out to the doctor, give it a chance to clear on its own. There’s a good chance that some sort of bug has been picked up that will pass along within a few hours or a day. If, after this period, the tummy ache hasn’t gone away, make an appointment with the doctor if you want to find out what is going on.

The doctor is there when you need him, ready to treat any condition that is affecting your health. But, sometimes you don’t need the MD and can take care of yourself. Why not take care of yourself and save money tan time?

The Breast Center at Houston Northwest

Suffering from breast cancer is one of the hardest things a woman can experience. Not only is it an extremely stressful and frustrating period of their life, but it is also a very emotional and humbling experience. Knowing you might have to go through therapy or some other procedure to have part of your breasts removed is something no one wants to go through. But for many women, it can become a reality at one point in their lives. And the best way to deal with such a reality is by looking to get a high quality level of care.

And in terms of breast cancer care, The Breast Center at Houston Northwest is by far the best facility in the entire Texas area for speaking treatment. Not only do they provide all patients with access to a great support group and some excellent online sources, but the doctors and nurses are so helpful when you need to visit the facility in person. Whether you are getting your relevant treatment for breast cancer, you will want to get it done at a place such as the Houston medical center. The entire team is going to help you have the most pleasant experience possible.

What else sets Houston North-west apart?  They are known for having some of the top specialists pertaining to breast and thyroid cancer. They are also known for really integrating their online website in a way that helps you during your entire process of having treatment at the facility. For instance, you can go on their site and schedule your mammogram for the next most convenient date. It is really easy to go ahead and fill out the “new patient form,” if you have never had treatment there. Or you can simply fill out your details and they will pencil you in for a session – if you are already a patient at the center.