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If you ever spend some time with a high quality dentist, they will tell you about the things that set them apart from other professionals in their industry. And the number one thing they talk about may surprise you a little bit – education. Not only do dentists believe strongly in working hard when you are going through dentistry school, but they also talk about how you have to keep yourself educated and informed about your field as the years go by. It is easy to think you have learned everything when you have finished school – but new techniques and devices are always coming out.

How can a dentist expect to give his patients the best care possible if they are not keeping up with the latest trends, information and treatments? What works for your patients in 2016 may be the best option you have – but if you are not keeping up with trends, how will you know what works for them in 2020 or 2026? The only way to stay at the top of your profession is to keep up with all the work that other dentists are doing from a research and practical standpoint.

And the best way to do that is by subscribing to the Journal of Clinical Dentistry, along with other publications. For instance, you can take a look at the journal that pertains to the xenograft treatment of recession defects. To a normal person, the topic may sound really confusing and boring. But to a dentist, it is information they know is very relevant to the way they treat patients who have certain issues with their teeth. And now that you have this information, you will be better positioned to help your patients. But you can only get the information if you are reading and subscribing to these journals on a monthly basis.