Behavioral and Mental Health are Not Quite the Same Thing

You will not be surprised to learn they are close, but not the same. The World Health Organization is a pretty good authority from whom to get a handle on the differences. According to WHO, behavioral health is about how “your habits impact your overall physical and mental wellbeing”, which makes it more like a subset of mental health than its sibling.

That makes sense but what does the difference mean in practical terms well bi-polar disorder would be a condition which would fall in the mental health category. Substance abuse or an eating disorder is classified as behavioral because they are concerned with what a person does or doesn’t do.

As any behavioral health boston ma specialist will attest to, this can cover a whole host of conditions and situations which go beyond substance abuse. When you begin to care for the body or the person holistically there are many more factors come into play which affect health and well-being. The health of the individual expands to the health of the family which affects that of the community, and abracadabra there is much more to think about.

Are there facilities for exercise? If there are, perhaps someone with the beginning of a blood pressure issue can deal with it before it gets serious. Does that child get breakfast in the morning – if not perhaps that affects their concentration in the middle of lessons? It is almost impossible to concentrate when you are hungry, you’ve probably noticed.

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Behavioral health can be complex and inter connected, but sometimes it is not so much – maybe it is a project to get kids in the habit of cleaning their teeth on a regular basis. There are habits that are worth getting used to, after all.